Wasp Season

Book Cover: Wasp Season

You’ll never see a wasp in the same way again.

When Beth’s marriage ends, she’s determined to build a new life in the country for herself and her children. A quiet life lived closer to nature. She thinks she’s achieved the impossible – a civilised divorce, a happy home and a cordial relationship with her ex-husband Mark.

But when Mark tries to change the rules, Beth’s peaceful world is shattered. At the same time Beth discovers that European wasps have invaded her garden. Her obsession with them and their queen holds up a distorted mirror to the human drama. As the chaos in her life gathers momentum, connections between the two worlds come sharply into focus. It becomes clear that the lives of Beth and her family are neither safe from, nor separate to the natural world.

Reviews:Wendy O'Hanlon, Acres Australia wrote:

"There is an ironic twist to this tale, a violent and sudden twist that will leave the reader gasping. Wasp Season is a fascinating study of nature and humans."

Australian Literary Review wrote:

‘Scoullar, it turns out, is a writer of documentary calibre.’

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