Country Crush

Ten Compact Stories for Country Lovers

Country Crush (Wild Myrtle Press) is available as a paperback, with signed copies available from Jenn J. McLeod's website ‘The bookshop that never closes'.

RRP $15 | ISBN 978-0648570-80-6

If you know Jenn’s work, you’ll know she loves BIG stories. It’s also true that good things come in small packages, and her Country Crush Collection holds ten tales, each one the perfect size for that coffee break or commute.

So, pour a cuppa and come home to the country with these ten short stories. Like all Jenn’s full-length novels, these compact reads with a backdrop of country life have characters to surprise and delight country lovers. Are you ready to fall in love?

NOTE: This is a PRINT edition. (ISBN: 978-0-6485708-4-4)

NOW AVAILABLE AS EBOOKS: All TEN stories split over two digital titles: That Time in Tanglewood and  One Friday in Sunflower  (ebooks available from your favourite e-tailer)

THAT TIME IN TANGLEWOOD (ISBN: 978-0-6485708-5-1 only $3.99)

  • Swept Way
  • A Penny for your Thoughts
  • Geronimo
  • The Male Run
  • Some Days are Diamonds

ONE FRIDAY IN SUNFLOWER (ISBN: 978-0-6485708-6-8 only $4.99)

  • The Timekeeper’s Store
  • Sew Special
  • About Midnight
  • Lost in Lingerie
  • Suitcase by the Door
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