Jen & Sheba

Bestselling Aussie author Jennifer Scoullar writes page-turning fiction about the land, people and wildlife that she loves. Scoullar is a lapsed lawyer who harbours a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world.

Sydney Smith has been obsessed with fiction since childhood and worships at the temple of storytelling, much to the annoyance of her friends, who can take only so much talk about novels and movies. She mentors other writers and has written a book, The Architecture of Narrative, on how to plot and structure fiction.

Kate Belle is a lover: of words, people, life and coffee. My quest to understand love, in all its darkness and light, leads me to ask my readers some tough questions. I write to connect – to you, to myself and to the mess of dots that make up the universe. My kitchen is my favourite dance floor.

Kathryn Ledson left the corporate arena in 2005 and returned to study with relief and a great sense of homecoming. What emerged from that writing course was a huge surprise in the form of Erica Jewell, hapless heroine in Kathryn’s series of funny, romantic, action-packed novels.