The Pilyara Press collective comprises a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Pilyara Press plans to expand its network in the future.

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Bestselling Aussie author Jennifer Scoullar writes page-turning fiction about the land, people and wildlife that she loves. Jennifer is a lapsed lawyer who harbours a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world.

Jennifer is the font of all publishing knowledge. A former lawyer, Jen is a rocket when it comes to delivering on the technicalities of book production.



Sydney Smith has been obsessed with fiction since childhood and worships at the temple of storytelling, much to the annoyance of her friends, who can take only so much talk about novels and movies. She mentors other writers and has written a book, The Architecture of Narrative, on how to plot and structure fiction.

Sydney is the alchemist. She brings years of know-how and her laser-beam eye to the novels that land on her desk with a resounding thud.



Kathryn Ledson left the corporate arena in 2005 and returned to study with relief and a great sense of homecoming. What emerged from that writing course was a huge surprise in the form of Erica Jewell, hapless heroine in Kathryn’s series of funny, romantic, action-packed novels.

Kathryn is a multi-talented editing whizz, with years of experience in PR. She’s also the resident comic genius. 



Kate Belle is a lover: of words, people, life and coffee. Her quest to understand love, in all its darkness and light, leads her to ask readers some tough questions. She writes to connect – to you, to herself and to the mess of dots that make up the universe. The kitchen is her favourite dance floor.

Kate is our engine. She keeps us focused and helps direct the juggernaut that is Pilyara Press, balancing ruthless determination with infectious enthusiasm. 



Monique Mulligan is an author and interviewer. A former journalist, news editor, and publisher, she combines part-time work at an arts centre with writing novels. Monique has had two picture books published and a number of short romances, but her passion is writing for adults. Her debut novel is due in late 2020 and it features one of her favourite things: food.

Monique is the diplomat. A whizz at design, she also keeps the website updated.



Desney King is a retired book editor and survivor of multiple strokes. She writes about love, death, grief, rivers, interconnectedness and living life to the full. A passionate activist, she also relishes outings in her wheelchair, time spent in nature, the exhilaration and deep satisfaction of writing – and time spent with her young adult children. 

Desney is the pedant. With decades of traditional publishing experience, she cracks the whip, gently but firmly banishing typos, widows and orphans.



Jenn J. McLeod is a mentor and Australia’s nomadic novelist. Touring since 2014 in her caravan (Myrtle the Turtle) Jenn speaks at regional libraries to inspire others, while also finding inspiration for her contemporary stories with a backdrop of country life. Five-times published with Simon & Schuster and the UK’s Head of Zeus—and with her sixth novel successfully published under the Wild Myrtle Press imprint—she’s found, in Pilyara Press, like-minded authors who share her belief that writers need to respect readers by delivering quality storytelling.

Jenn is Pilyara Press’s self-proclaimed Formatting Fusspot and Pom-pom Girl who loves cheering in rhyme. Her mantra is: “She maybe be here, she may be there, but wherever she is, Jenn will care.”

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