A trail-blazing group of Australian writers has embraced the latest digital publishing technology to publish both eBooks and traditional books all around the world.

Pilyara Press has been set up by best-selling author Jennifer Scoullar, who leads a professional publishing team of fellow authors, editors and publishing veterans.

As an independent small press operating on a global scale, Pilyara Press can deliver a single book or a bulk order anywhere in the world.

Its authors, known for their previous titles published by major Australian and international publishing houses, offer a diverse and distinctive range of page-turners.

Heading the stable of writers are Jennifer Scoullar and Kathryn Ledson, Jenn J McLeod and Monique Mulligan, along with Desney King, Kate Belle, Shelley Kenigsberg, Olwyn Conrau and Lily Malone.

Since establishing Pilyara Press in 2018, Jennifer Scoullar has assembled a multi-skilled team to galvanise a new vision of how publishing can be done.

“We’re a bunch of professionals, and each of us brings a very specific talent to the group,” says Scoullar.

“I’m a former lawyer and know the ins-and-outs of publishing, and we have a wealth of skill and experience in editing, media, publicity, proofreading and the business of publishing.

“Through digital publishing we are accessing the global market on our own terms, without the constraints of big-volume traditional publishing.

“We can deliver a single book anywhere in the world, or an eBook, or a whole shipment to a traditional retailer.”

Pilyara takes its name from an indigenous word for eagle and its “books that soar” have included best-sellers by Jennifer Scoullar, Kathryn Ledson and Jenn J McLeod.

Pilyara Press is not currently accepting submissions.

‘The eagle represents the freedom and strength Pilyara Press adds to our new-found independence. Like the eagle, our books soar.’ 


Meet the team

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