How do I join the Pilyara Press collective?

At present, Pilyara Press is comprised of professional authors, each of whom brings a specific talent to the team (such as editing). We invite people to join as skills are needed and plan to expand our network in the future.

How do I submit a pitch or manuscript to Pilyara Press?

Congratulations on working so hard to share your story. At present, we are not open to submissions.

If I send you a draft, can you offer feedback on my story?

It’s great that you are following your dream to be a writer. However, we are unable to read drafts, provide specific manuscript feedback or suggest ways in which it might be improved.

We suggest you locate a good manuscript assessor to help you take the next step.

I own a bookstore and would like to stock your book. How do we order it?

Our authors would love you to stock our books! You can order our books through our distributor, Ingram Spark.

If you want signed copies, please contact authors directly via their websites.

Our library would like to stock your book. How do we order it?

Libraries can order all our books through the usual library suppliers.

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