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Wildflower is available from all online retailers as a paperback or eBook. Signed copies can also be pre-ordered directly from Monique Mulligan's website.

RRP $29.99 | ISBN 978-1-952827-45-3

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After being bullied at school, Jane Kelly dreads spending the summer holidays alone, friendless. So, when Acacia Miller moves in next door, Jane imagines carefree days of trading secrets and pinky promises with a new best friend. But as their friendship grows, Acacia remains stubbornly guarded about her home life, and Jane becomes caught up in a sinister situation she doesn’t understand. When Acacia’s secret becomes one too many for Jane to carry, she must choose whether to challenge the status quo and risk losing her only friend. Or stay silent, knowing the danger it hides.

An abused woman flees to a refuge and bumps into someone from her childhood. Haunted by her past but grappling with a desire to reconnect and rebuild her life, she realises there are wounds that time alone cannot heal. Can she find the courage to confront the darkest secrets of all: her own?

“Wildflower is a brave and hugely necessary book. Written with such tenderness, grace and sensitivity, this book is a light in the darkness and a strong voice for the rights of all women to be safe and cherished. Monique Mulligan has written a powerful story reflecting the hope and resilience of the human spirit. A triumph of a novel.” ~ Tabitha Bird.

Publisher: Pilyara Press
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