Wherever You Go

Wherever You Go is available from all online retailers as a paperback or eBook. Click HERE to order the eBook. Signed copies can also be purchased directly from Monique Mulligan's website.

RRP $29.99 | ISBN 978-0-6483089-1-1

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A life-shattering tragedy threatens to tear apart chef Amy Bennet’s marriage. Desperate to save it, she moves with her husband Matt to Blackwood, a country town where no one knows who they are.

Forced to deal with her crumbling marriage and the crippling grief that follows her wherever she goes, Amy turns to what she knows best: cooking. She opens a café showcasing regional seasonal produce, and forms the Around the World Supper Club, serving mouth-watering feasts to new friends. As her passion for food returns, she finds a place for herself in Blackwood. But when a Pandora’s Box of shame and blame is unlocked, Matt gives Amy an ultimatum that takes their marriage to the edge.

Rich with unexpected characters and extraordinary insightWherever You Go is powerful and ultimately uplifting tale of heartbreaking loss, recovery, and redemption.

Click here for Amy's amaretti recipe. If Amy's twist on Middle Eastern Lentil soup is what you fancy, click here.

For Around the World Supper Club menus, click here.

Publisher: Pilyara Press
Reviews:Vanessa Carnevale, Author wrote:

"A deeply affecting, beautifully written story, sensitively told, that tugs at the heartstrings. Readers will love the evocative descriptions of food peppered throughout."

Kim Kelly, Author wrote:

"Unfolding with clear-eyed, soulful understanding and with deep respect for her characters, Mulligan’s debut is a novel for those who crave stories about real people grappling with real life. A tender tale crafted with love and steeped in the healing togetherness that comes from sharing great food.”

Lily Malone, Author wrote:

"Monique Mulligan has such a beautiful way of putting words together. She never fails to give me shivers."

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