Two Sisters and the Gun

What would you give up for your sister?

At just 10 years of age, sensible and serious Indigo Aragonesi is being tormented by the neighborhood devil-on-a-bike, Michelangelo Moore. Then, at 17, the nightmare returns when Indie’s helpless but beautiful twin, Vanilla, starts dating Moore, and something happens; a secret that Indie must never, ever reveal.

Fifteen years later, the sisters witness a Mafia murder and flee their hometown of Sacristy, Massachusetts. When Moore, now an FBI agent, tracks them to their hideout, Indie’s secret becomes a liability. Moore wants to take the sisters into witness protection, but he’s also determined to finish what he and Indie started that hot summer so very long ago.

Sassy, funny and wonderfully engaging, Two Sisters and the Gun&nbsp is a delightful romantic comedy that will leave you wanting Moore

Publisher: Pilyara Press
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