Country Crush

Ten Compact Stories for Country Lovers

Country Crush (Wild Myrtle Press) is available as a paperback, with signed copies available from Jenn J. McLeod's website ‘The bookshop that never closes'.

RRP $15 | ISBN 978-0648570-80-6

If you know Jenn’s work, you’ll know she loves BIG stories. It’s also true that good things come in small packages, and her Country Crush Collection holds ten tales, each one the perfect size for that coffee break or commute.

So, pour a cuppa and come home to the country with these ten short stories. Like all Jenn’s full-length novels, these compact reads with a backdrop of country life have characters to surprise and delight country lovers. Are you ready to fall in love?

NOTE: This is a PRINT edition. (ISBN: 978-0-6485708-4-4)

NOW AVAILABLE AS EBOOKS: All TEN stories split over two digital titles: That Time in Tanglewood and  One Friday in Sunflower  (ebooks available from your favourite e-tailer)

THAT TIME IN TANGLEWOOD (ISBN: 978-0-6485708-5-1 only $3.99)

  • Swept Way
  • A Penny for your Thoughts
  • Geronimo
  • The Male Run
  • Some Days are Diamonds

ONE FRIDAY IN SUNFLOWER (ISBN: 978-0-6485708-6-8 only $4.99)

  • The Timekeeper’s Store
  • Sew Special
  • About Midnight
  • Lost in Lingerie
  • Suitcase by the Door


Book Cover: Wildflower
Part of the New Release series:
  • Wildflower

Wildflower is available from all online retailers as a paperback or eBook. Signed copies can also be pre-ordered directly from Monique Mulligan's website.

RRP $29.99 | ISBN 978-1-952827-45-3

In a book club? Click here for Wildflower Reading Group Questions.

After being bullied at school, Jane Kelly dreads spending the summer holidays alone, friendless. So, when Acacia Miller moves in next door, Jane imagines carefree days of trading secrets and pinky promises with a new best friend. But as their friendship grows, Acacia remains stubbornly guarded about her home life, and Jane becomes caught up in a sinister situation she doesn’t understand. When Acacia’s secret becomes one too many for Jane to carry, she must choose whether to challenge the status quo and risk losing her only friend. Or stay silent, knowing the danger it hides.

An abused woman flees to a refuge and bumps into someone from her childhood. Haunted by her past but grappling with a desire to reconnect and rebuild her life, she realises there are wounds that time alone cannot heal. Can she find the courage to confront the darkest secrets of all: her own?

“Wildflower is a brave and hugely necessary book. Written with such tenderness, grace and sensitivity, this book is a light in the darkness and a strong voice for the rights of all women to be safe and cherished. Monique Mulligan has written a powerful story reflecting the hope and resilience of the human spirit. A triumph of a novel.” ~ Tabitha Bird.

Publisher: Pilyara Press
Cover Artists:

House of Wishes

House of Wishes (Wild Myrtle Press) is available as a paperback, audiobook or eBook. Click HERE for links to your favourite eBook store. Signed copies can also be purchased directly from Jenn J. McLeod's website.

RRP $29.99 | ISBN 9780648570806 | eBOOK RRP $7.99

A story about the choices we make, the connections that matter, the secrets we keep, and the power of a wish. 

Dandelion House, 1974
Two teenage girls—strangers—make a pact to keep a secret.
Calingarry Crossing, 2014
For forty years, Beth and her mum have been everything to each other, but Beth is blind-sided when her mother dies, and her last wish is to have her ashes spread in a small-town cemetery.

On the outskirts of Calingarry Crossing, when Beth comes across a place called Dandelion House Retreat, her first thought is how appealing the name sounds. With her stage career waning, and struggling to see a future without her mum, her marriage, and her child, she hopes it’s a place where she can begin to heal.

After meeting Tom, a local cattleman, Beth is intrigued by his stories of the cursed, century-old river house and its reclusive owner, Gypsy. The more Beth learns, however, the more she questions her mother’s wishes.

When meeting Beth leads Tom to uncover a disturbing connection to the old house, he must decide if the truth will help a grieving daughter or hurt her more.

Should Dandelion House keep its last, long-held secret?

Publisher: Wild Myrtle Press
Reviews:Patricia, Goodreads wrote:

“From the first touch of the beautiful, velvet feel cover to the last word, it is exquisite and wonderful. Leaving the reader with every emotion possible, and closing the book with tears and love, is masterful.”

Ngarie, Goodreads wrote:

“Strong female leads, finding your place, finding your people, finding peace. Such wonderful warm, empathetic and intelligent storytelling.”

Transit of Angels

Transit of Angels is available from all retailers as a paperback or eBook. Click HERE to order the eBook on Amazon. 


RRP $27.99 | ISBN 978-1-925827-27-9 | (e) ISBN: 978-0-6483089-5-9

Is there life after death? 

Angelica is thirty-four when her beloved husband, Bill, is killed in a motorbike accident. She knows Bill is dead. Yet she yearns to be reunited with him.

In desperation, she begs him for a sign. What happens next makes her leave the city and move to a quaint mudbrick cottage in a remote river valley where even the impossible feels sane.

As Angelica delves further into mysterious realms she finds that not all is as it seems, and that grief – and life – have a way of carrying you forward, whether you like it or not.

Wasp Season

The Wild Australia Stories - Book 6

Wasp Season is available from all retailers as a paperback or eBook.  Click HERE for links to your favourite eBook store. Signed copies can also be purchased directly from Jennifer Scoullar's website.

You'll never see a wasp in the same way again.

When Beth’s marriage ends, she’s determined to build a new life in the country for herself and her children. A quiet life lived closer to nature. She thinks she’s achieved the impossible – a civilised separation, a happy home and a cordial relationship with her estranged husband, Mark. There's even the promise of new love on the horizon. But when Mark tries to change the rules, Beth’s peaceful world is turned upside down.

Disturbingly, she also discovers that European wasps have invaded her garden. Beth’s obsession with them and their queen holds up a distorted mirror to the human drama. As the chaos in Beth’s life gathers momentum, connections between the two worlds come sharply into focus. The lives of Beth and the others are neither separate to, nor safe from, the natural world.


In this series of Wild Australia Stories I tell tales of the people, wildlife and land that I love. But there is more to wild Australia than brumbies, dingoes, dolphins and the magnificent outback.

As a passionate conservationist and amateur naturalist, I’m interested in all aspects of nature. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s not always about the big things. Little creatures have a surprising impact on our lives. If you’re squeamish about insects, look away now. If you’re fascinated by the Australian bush and the way all creatures great and small are connected, then Beth’s story is for you.

Publisher: Pilyara Press
Reviews:Wendy O'Hanlon, Acres Australia wrote:

"There is an ironic twist to this tale, a violent and sudden twist that will leave the reader gasping. Wasp Season is a fascinating study of nature and humans."

Australian Literary Review wrote:

‘Scoullar, it turns out, is a writer of documentary calibre.’

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