Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley by Jennifer Scoullar is available from Pilyara Press worldwide (except in Australia & New Zealand) as a paperback and eBook

Available in Australia & New Zealand from Penguin Random House

RRP US $17.99 |  Print ISBN:  978-0-6483089-6-6;  eBook 978-1-925827-52-1 

Release Date - August 10th 2023

Who can you trust?
Ambitious country reporter Del Fisher seems to have it all. She’s just landed her dream job, along with an engagement to Nick, Winga’s most eligible bachelor and son of local mayor and mining tycoon, Carson Shaw. But Del is blindsided when a feature article and its shocking allegations about the Shaw family is published under her name.

Del and Nick’s relationship is torn apart. Devastated by the unintentional havoc she has caused, Del flees to the family farm at Berrimilla in the heart of beautiful Kingfisher Valley. Swearing that she will never write again, Del plans for a quiet life, restoring her late father’s vineyard and making peace with her estranged mother.

But when the little town is threatened by a proposed coal mine, Del steps up and leads the battle to save it. To win this fight she must enlist the support of a man who believes she betrayed him. Can Del convince Nick that she was loyal all along? And will trusting the wrong person destroy both the town and Del’s second chance at love?

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Paradise Valley is another brilliant read by Aussie author Jennifer Scoullar which I  loved. Mystery, intrigue, corruption, lies, all with a dash of romance on the side
- Brenda, Goodreads Top Reviewer

What an awesome example of a good read! It had all the small town feels, romance and farming enterprises that make this genre fantastic. – Happy Valley BooksRead

The Mallee Girl

The Mallee Girl by Jennifer Scoullar is available from Pilyara Press at all retailers worldwide  (except in AU&NZ)

Available in Australia & New Zealand from Penguin Random House

A heart-warming new rural romantic suspense set in the Victorian High Country by the bestselling author of Brumby's Run.

RRP US $17.99 | ISBN | 978-1-925827-46-0 (eBook) ISBN: 978-1-925827-47-7

You can run, but you can’t hide …
Armed with nothing but some loose change and her beloved dog Duke, Mallee girl Pippa Black has finally found the courage she needs to escape a dangerous relationship. Two cryptic words written on a paper napkin send her in search of the one person who might help her – a long-lost brother she has always dreamed of finding.

Pippa’s quest leads her to the remote town of Currajong, high in the beautiful Victorian alps. As a runaway seeking refuge among strangers, Pippa learns that she’s been mistakenly implicated in a shocking crime. She finds her way to Brumby’s Run, a wild-horse sanctuary, where she begins work assisting the enigmatic farm manager Levi, and becomes entranced by Thowra, a magnificent golden stallion who leads a herd of brumbies in the region. Both man and horse will teach Pippa more about herself than she ever thought possible – including when to run, when to hide, and when to stand up and fight.

Set among the majesty of the High Country snowgums, The Mallee Girl is a moving and heartfelt story about the power of love and the land to heal old wounds, and the freedom that comes in confronting your greatest fears.

'The Mallee Girl has all the ingredients of a great rural read – a feisty heroine, a hero to die for, an evocative setting that will make you yearn for the country and themes of love, faith and overcoming adversity." – Bestselling author Rachael Johns.

Country Crush

Ten Compact Stories for Country Lovers

Country Crush (Wild Myrtle Press) is available as a paperback, with signed copies available from Jenn J. McLeod's website ‘The bookshop that never closes'.

RRP $15 | ISBN 978-0648570-80-6

If you know Jenn’s work, you’ll know she loves BIG stories. It’s also true that good things come in small packages, and her Country Crush Collection holds ten tales, each one the perfect size for that coffee break or commute.

So, pour a cuppa and come home to the country with these ten short stories. Like all Jenn’s full-length novels, these compact reads with a backdrop of country life have characters to surprise and delight country lovers. Are you ready to fall in love?

NOTE: This is a PRINT edition. (ISBN: 978-0-6485708-4-4)

NOW AVAILABLE AS EBOOKS: All TEN stories split over two digital titles: That Time in Tanglewood and  One Friday in Sunflower  (ebooks available from your favourite e-tailer)

THAT TIME IN TANGLEWOOD (ISBN: 978-0-6485708-5-1 only $3.99)

  • Swept Way
  • A Penny for your Thoughts
  • Geronimo
  • The Male Run
  • Some Days are Diamonds

ONE FRIDAY IN SUNFLOWER (ISBN: 978-0-6485708-6-8 only $4.99)

  • The Timekeeper’s Store
  • Sew Special
  • About Midnight
  • Lost in Lingerie
  • Suitcase by the Door

House of Wishes

House of Wishes (Wild Myrtle Press) is available as a paperback, audiobook or eBook. Click HERE for links to your favourite eBook store. Signed copies can also be purchased directly from Jenn J. McLeod's website.

RRP $29.99 | ISBN 9780648570806 | eBOOK RRP $7.99

A story about the choices we make, the connections that matter, the secrets we keep, and the power of a wish. 

Dandelion House, 1974
Two teenage girls—strangers—make a pact to keep a secret.
Calingarry Crossing, 2014
For forty years, Beth and her mum have been everything to each other, but Beth is blind-sided when her mother dies, and her last wish is to have her ashes spread in a small-town cemetery.

On the outskirts of Calingarry Crossing, when Beth comes across a place called Dandelion House Retreat, her first thought is how appealing the name sounds. With her stage career waning, and struggling to see a future without her mum, her marriage, and her child, she hopes it’s a place where she can begin to heal.

After meeting Tom, a local cattleman, Beth is intrigued by his stories of the cursed, century-old river house and its reclusive owner, Gypsy. The more Beth learns, however, the more she questions her mother’s wishes.

When meeting Beth leads Tom to uncover a disturbing connection to the old house, he must decide if the truth will help a grieving daughter or hurt her more.

Should Dandelion House keep its last, long-held secret?

Publisher: Wild Myrtle Press
Reviews:Patricia, Goodreads wrote:

“From the first touch of the beautiful, velvet feel cover to the last word, it is exquisite and wonderful. Leaving the reader with every emotion possible, and closing the book with tears and love, is masterful.”

Ngarie, Goodreads wrote:

“Strong female leads, finding your place, finding your people, finding peace. Such wonderful warm, empathetic and intelligent storytelling.”

Transit of Angels

Transit of Angels is available from all retailers as a paperback or eBook. Click HERE to order the eBook on Amazon. 


RRP $27.99 | ISBN 978-1-925827-27-9 | (e) ISBN: 978-0-6483089-5-9

Is there life after death? 

Angelica is thirty-four when her beloved husband, Bill, is killed in a motorbike accident. She knows Bill is dead. Yet she yearns to be reunited with him.

In desperation, she begs him for a sign. What happens next makes her leave the city and move to a quaint mudbrick cottage in a remote river valley where even the impossible feels sane.

As Angelica delves further into mysterious realms she finds that not all is as it seems, and that grief – and life – have a way of carrying you forward, whether you like it or not.

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